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Jennifer and Erica over the last year have taken this business and flipped it upside down on its head! They both have done so much to change NMG in a great way to give you all new things and to help expand and grow the business. We like to keep you on your toes so to speak.

Switching things up for today on Tip Tuesday! I was given the privilege to share some exciting news we have in store for you. If you are not in our VIP program don’t worry, you now have a new program you can join. Next month we will be launching our SUBSCRIPTION BOXES!

You will have the option to partake in three different monthly subscriptions. Starter Membership will include two to three sample size products billed at ten dollars a month. Second option is our Platinum Membership and will include four to five full sized products and billed at $25 dollars a month. The final option will be the VIP Membership, and you will be billed $75 dollars a month to receive ten full sized products. You are not tied to any contract, if for any reason you are not satisfied you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time.

When you reach our website to sign up you will be directed to a questionnaire where you will fill out your name, email, phone number and choose the options of items you want to include in your box. Items for Mom, Dad, Kids, Babies, Pets, Health and Home are all options you can select to have in your subscription box. Then obviously indicate if you or anyone in your household has any allergies we need to be aware of.

Our team is so excited to launch this for you. We already have a really fun VIP and funbox program on our Facebook page, this will just be at random for you versus being able to pick all of your items. Our Funbox program has worked really well for several of our members. However, if surprises are your thing then the subscription box may be your calling.

Mark your calendars, October is only two weeks away and we are confident you will love these new purchase options! Get one for yourself, get one for the new Mom on her crunchy journey, just get one, you will be supporting Natural Mommy Gear and small businesses all over the country! If you are in our Facebook group look below for some really great tips on how to keep track of all of your fun purchases.


“I wish someone would have told me keeping a list of my purchases and mark them off as I receive them. Something so simple was such a game changer for me. I was able to see if anything was missing and appropriately direct my questions to the staff.”
---Trish O.

“I was not a notes girl, invoices that I have received from NMG are still viewable months later. The invoice I open and pay is then organize into a folder in my email address. It keeps them all in one place and easily accessible.”
---Karina P.
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