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TUESDAY TIP: Piggy Paint Masterpiece

Most businesses are founded by a problem needing a solution. This is exactly what happened with Natural Mommy Gear. Two Moms on a mission to transform their routine from toxic overload to non-toxic, vegan alternatives affordably. Natural Mommy Gear has reached so many people across the country and out of the country. The mission here is to bring you small businesses that are taking the world by storm on natural alternatives for you, your family and pets. All products offered here come from other families who want to grow their business and maintain the integrity and importance of being dye free, biodegradable, clean, earth friendly and vegan ingredients!

Can I let you in on a dirty little secret? My Husband, is a six foot three inch tall man, weighing over 200 pounds. (That piece of information is important to paint the picture of his life.) He wears a suit to work on occasion for business meetings and underneath his business attire he hides a dirty little secret... He walks around with painted toenails! Sometimes pink! Sometimes Blue! Sometimes they even have a little sparkle to them! I have to give him grace, he is after all, a GIRL DAD! Every Girl Dad knows dress up, tea parties, make up, and nail polish are a part of the territory.

What you don't know is he would be completely against playing nail salon with his girls if it were conventional nail polish! This nail polish comes right off with water when used for play. Conventional nail polish is so much harder to remove, usually requires an extra step to do so, and smells terrible. Our home is filled with a rainbow of color options from Piggy Paint!

Piggy Paint has been in business for over 10 years. Their slogan is "As Natural as Mud," LITTERALLY! Their nail polish is made up of 75% water! Your normal drug store nail polish can't say that, they are generally composed of ingredients such as Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Camphor, and many others. All these ingredients affect your nervous, respiratory, and reproductive systems in a negative way. As these chemicals are been coated on your nails they are seeping into your body, then if you paint your children’s nails, they're sticking them in their mouth and noses. Yuck! I don't know about you but I'm on a mission to reduce toxic exposure in our home, I'm sure you are to, and that's why you're here, with us, at Natural Mommy Gear!

This nail polish is 75% water based, which means it does require a little more work if you are wanting to use it for longevity on your nails versus a nail salon game with your kiddos.

With that said, I bring you, your TUESDAY TIP: If your desire is to give your little a mani that lasts use thin coats along with the base coat+sealer, and a blow dry for 1-2 minutes in between coats. Yes, you read that correctly, a blow dryer. Here's why, this nail polish has a higher concentration of water in the ingredients, it requires 4-6 hours to reach its ultimate hardness. If you don't trust your little to not mess it up, paint their nails right before bed time, as they sleep they will wake up with a fully cured mani/pedi. You can bring the nail salon right to your home for your littles, they offer a huge range of nail polish shades, nail stickers, play makeup and the tool kit needed for the perfect salon experience.

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non-Toxic, and affordable, this Momma Bear feels at peace knowing I can let my daughter paint her own nails without being exposed to toxic chemicals. Daddy is thankful his constantly changing pedicure is washable in the shower! Don't let me alone convince you this is a kid perfect polish, here is what a few of our Natural Mommy Gear Family Members had to say...


"Piggy Paint was such an awesome find! My daughter and I have been using it for 3 years now. We LOVE all the fun colors they have to offer!"                                        -Sheri .

Love piggy paint nail polish and their little makeup kit too! I know when my 4 year old tries to do her own makeup tutorial that she’s safe from any harsh chemicals. Love all the colors too!
-Eleana K.

Head over to Natural Mommy Gear Group on Facebook to snag some today!

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3 comentários

Natural Mommy Gear
Natural Mommy Gear
03 de set. de 2020

Love this


Amber S.
Amber S.
02 de set. de 2020

@flooklisa of you go to Natural Mommy Gear Group on Facebook we currently have that buy open :)


02 de set. de 2020

I'm interested in the piggy paint but do not see it available on the "shop" tab.

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