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Tip Tuesday: What are you doing?

Don’t lie to yourself you joined our group, went to read the rules and said NOPE! That happened or, you read them and could not make sense of what the heck you were reading. Don’t feel bad, when I joined Natural Mommy Gear, I may have skipped that part too. I remember reading the first half and for some reason nothing of it clicked for me. When I placed my first order I had them break it down for me in a way I could understand, the highlights, the basics so to speak! With that said, I decided that with the rapid expansion of our group, the holidays around the corner, this weeks Tip Tuesday needed to be an easier way of understanding how our group works!

If you are new with us, let me the first to say WELCOME TO OUR GROUP! Give it some time, you will grow to love it here, or you will now have a new shopping addiction to love to hate. Let’s start with the basics when it comes to ordering, especially if it’s your first time. The only thing you must do is comment your order, email address, and if you live in Florida or not, then private message the Admin your shipping address. We will keep that information on file for all your future purchases, because trust me once you get started you will want to take part in all the cool items that open the following week. Once we have your information, on your future purchases we just need your email address, order, and say yes FL or no FL, “JTO” (just this order) and or say funbox if you have one.

Natural Mommy Gear has this amazing opportunity to save $20-$80 in shipping if you decide to start a funbox. Funboxes are priority shipped boxes from the post office that come in small, medium or large. The box is held in the office till it’s full of your purchases and then it will ship to you. Who doesn’t love surprises or presents? Literally like a gift box on your doorstep within a few weeks, on average a small box will hold five to eight buys and ship within two weeks. Medium funboxes hold about eight to twelve buys and fills in about four to six weeks. Large funboxes fill in about six to eight weeks and holds about 12-18 different buys in them. These averages are dependent on the size of your products and how much you shop, the faster you shop, the sooner you get your box. Every company takes two to six weeks to arrive to our office before going to you or your box.

Full disclosure, we will not know when your box is full until all your items have arrived. Sometimes there is an overfill in your box and we will either leave behind what doesn’t fit in your box and ship your box. You’ll then decide if you want those items to ship alone and be billed for that or billed for a new box. Sometimes we also bill you for an upgrade where you pay the shipping difference from one size to the next.

Every week we open seven to twelve companies to purchase from, all payments are due Friday by 8pm est, late fees are added to all invoices Saturday night. If the invoice is still pending come Sunday night at 8pm est it will be cancelled and you will receive a non-payment warning, after two unpaid invoices you will be removed from our group.

Outside of all the above information this is literally how our group works. Super easy once you get the hang of it. Invite your friends to join the fun, we have some great things lined up for Christmas and are trying to be your one stop shop for Christmas while holding true to our name! One more time, WELCOME TO NATURAL MOMMY GEAR GROUP! Without you we would not be who we are, we love and appreciate every single one of you! Thank you for supporting small businesses!

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Trish Oler
Trish Oler
2020년 10월 13일

Once again you’ve written a fabulous piece! Thanks for this info! ❤️

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