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Tip Tuesday: Stash your cash!

Do you ever stop in the middle of the grocery store and put something back because you realize how wasteful it is? I have, mainly for disposable products, I LOATHE them. The biggest change I am trying to tackle this year is how much waste leaves my house. One of the first products I removed from my home was zip-loc bags! Although they are convenient, it aided in polluting our earth. More than 25 million single-use plastics fill our landfills and oceans, when laid end to end it stretches from California to Hawaii. Insane right? Not only are we polluting the earth when we sacrifice it upon the alter of convenience, it kills our marine life and birds, enters our food chain and leeches into our foods and drinks! These little convenient earth leeches take several years to decompose.

We have been running this company in the Natural Mommy Gear Group for over two years. I will have to admit, I wasn’t very fond of these bags at first, then I discovered what else they were good for and I was hooked! Stashers are made of platinum silicone, which do not degrade over time. You can use them in the oven, microwave, freezer and even dishwasher safe. If you know about toxic ingredients then you will be happy to know they are BPA, BPS, lead, latex and phthalates free! European Union Food safety standards are incredibly high, higher than the United States, Stashers has the honor of saying they have passed their guidelines in addition to Canadian and U.S. standards. All the beautiful colors they offer are safe for your food!

If I had to pick the greatest thing about Stashers, it would be that you don’t have to only use them for food, they offer an array of sizes and can be used in your purse, your travel bag and of course toddler snacks! Through this week's Tip Tuesday, I discovered you can also make ice cream in the bags and the main website offers recipes that conveniently use your stasher bags! Today’s lovely recipe was tried and tested by Mandy C. The recipe can be found at, “We once made ice cream using the half gallon sized bag and the sandwich sized bag, it came out delicious.” All you need is half a cup of half and half and a tablespoon of sugar, if you are feeling fancy then you can add vanilla extract, strawberries, cocoa powder, and or chocolate chips and mint extract. You add the ingredients into the sandwich size stasher bag and then add that into the half gallon size with ice and rock salt, do the hokey pokey and in ten minutes or so you’ll have ice cream! Ice cream is usually a craving in my home in the cold months of the year, we are a strange family!

If you are not in our group please head over today, I can guarantee that you won’t find deals like ours in the group! We have bundles and deals, if you have a color preference don’t wait till VIP day to order, if you do, chances are you won’t get the colors you want.


“They are perfect for little fingers to use for snacks, and if they drop it, the snacks don’t shoot out like a regular plastic sandwich bag! Having a rambunctious boy who hops, spins, throws and climbs with this in hand truly makes snack time on the go mess free. I have tossed the stasher in the freezer while getting ready before heading to the park, took it out as we ran out the door. In the heat it held up in a basic lunch box with a thin ice pack. No mushy blueberries and perfect for a quick snack.”

-Mandy C.
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