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Tip Tuesday: It wasn't an Exorcism!

Suddenly, the screech of a pterodactyl filled the room, in that moment I thought my husband swore he was experiencing an exorcism! I was a novice of all things crunchy at the time and at that point this really made me want to jump ship from the crunchy person train. HOWEVER, the best thing to combat fear is education. My husband wasn’t experiencing some supernatural phenomenon, he was trying, ear candling. This isn’t intended to deter you from how amazing ear candling is, it’s to hopefully give you a tip on how to properly do this from home, without making the same mistakes we did.              Did you know the type of ear wax you have is hereditary? There is wet and dry ear wax, the wet ear wax is the dominant trait. East Asian and Native American ancestry typically gives you the dry texture of ear wax. Caucasian and African American people typically have the wet ear wax.  Ear wax isn’t ear wax at all, it is made up of dead skin cells, fatty acids, squalene, alcohols and cholesterol.              Ear candling not only relieves pressure in your head, it also can pull parasites out of our ears. When you light the opposite end of the candle it creates a vacuum to pull all the nasty out. Wax in your ear is a great thing, however, have you heard of the phrase, “too much of a good thing,” it applies here. Yes, ear wax helps keep your ear lubricated, keeps a balance of the vibrations of sounds coming into your ear and catch pesky debris coming in. An abundance of ear wax will cause you to feel off balance, vertigo, sinus pressure and give you auditory issues. Removing too much wax from your ear will also cause these same issues, so find a balance that fits you and your family.             Like everything in the world, everything is double sided between pros and cons. If you are not really prepared and don't look up how to properly do this, then you may get burned. If something has a positive effect in our body or is good for us, it will more than likely be talked down like most alternative options. There are countries in the world who think there is no benefits to this ancient method, and some believe in it whole heartedly and have received some benefits from it. Today’s TIP TUESDAY is provided by Tami V. If you want to give ear candling a shot then take her tip into consideration, “Use a paper plate that is lined with foil to hold the candle. A center X, made with a knife, will hold the candle straight up and down. This prevents any ashes from falling on person or couch. Cut the candle below burn level at the 3-4". Let the burned top to go out on plate. Only inspect contents when queasy stomachs are out of the room.           Despite the controversy once you try them for yourself you may be hooked on ear candles.  Are you still not sure you want to take the plunge and try? Join our Facebook community at Natural Mommy Gear Support Group and ask for more testimonies and help, our community is filled with awesome mommas who enjoy the product and are so ready to help with other tips and tricks!

 “I have not done them on myself but only 2 of my kids. The difference from each ear even from the same kid is interesting to say the least let alone between two different kids. But the proof is in the pressure/pain relief. There's just something to it for one of my kids, works every time.” 

“My ears have felt stopped up for as long as I can remember. I bought some of these ear candles and finally gave it a try. I can’t believe how much stuff came out! I was amazed and grossed out at the same time. I no longer feel stopped up. They are easy to use, and my ears are thanking me.”
      -Samantha S.
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