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Tip Tuesday: Halloween is upon us, is this Black Magic?

Black Magic, or actual Natural Health Healing benefits? I was super on the fence about homeopathy for a LONG time. For me, taking on so much information at one time is not a good thing. I have to be walked through it and take it all in step by step, day by day. Unfortunately, I grew up hearing five million and one reasons not to look into homeopathy, my family is made up of several people in the medical field, who had nothing but terrible things to say. It wasn’t till I was pregnant with my first child that I was really blown away by some of the stuff that I witnessed before my eyes.

My first baby was born in a birthing center in the middle of NOWHERE and 30 minutes from any hospital. I wanted to not be able to give myself a reason to quit or give up on myself by utilizing hospital resources. The baby was ONLY going to come out of me one way, natural, and no interventions whatsoever unless it was necessary. Not sure why on God’s green earth, my midwife could NOT draw my blood. She and the student midwife poked me eight different times and blew through my veins five times. In all fairness, my veins are hard to get to. The final bloodwork was due, and it was necessary to get my blood, when they finally achieved the goal, I was a little frustrated I would be walking around with a purple hand. Shortly after they collected my samples, she pulled open a drawer, popped out a tiny tube and handed me four arnica pellets. I trusted her, she had yet to steer me wrong. The following morning, I woke up with nothing but what looked like a bruise that was seven days old, it was yellow and almost non-existent in some places. From that point on, I was hooked into the mystery of Homeopathy!

If you are not sure what homeopathy is, I will give you a brief synopsis of what it is. Homeopathy is the belief that the body can cure itself. Those that practice this believe that you can stimulate the healing process, they are tiny amounts of natural substances created into pellets. The substances are broken down repeatedly with alcohol or water and are meant to trigger the body’s natural defense. You can use homeopathy to treat chronic illnesses, allergies, migraines, bug bites, fatigue, IBS, PMS symptoms and many others. I personally would not treat major health issues without a homeopath to direct you. I do however keep them on hand for everyday things like fevers, illness, cuts, bruises, and pretty much anything a toddler would need them for.

Mary Aspinwall has been a full time Homeopathic Doctor since 1995, she also designed the kits we have available in our group this week! When you purchase a kit, you will receive access to her group on Facebook to help guide you on treating minor illnesses and administering first aid where the situation is warranted. Access like that should help you to be confident on your homeopathic journey. Each kit comes with a booklet to help you navigate every vile included in your kit with every possible symptom it could be used for. If I had to pick one remedy to always have on hand, it would be ARNICA! Arnica helps so much with bruising and swelling, with two very uncoordinated toddlers it is a MUST in our home. My toddler even asks for it when she bumps herself pretty good!

Head over to our group today, not only will you save on the kit, you will save on the fees of having to bring it into the country! Read below for a cool tip on this Tip Tuesday from one our Natural Mommy Gear Moms! Homeopathy isn’t just for us humans!

“When an accident or illness first happens, always give Aconite first. It helps calm down yourself or the person you’re treating. It can be effective when Treating an illness and give you time to find a more appropriate remedy if aconite doesn’t’ help right away. The first Aid kit is great to carry with you in your bag or purse. It also comes with a great Materia Medica to help give you guidance. The basic 18 and 36 kits have more remedies than the First Aid Kit. Any of them would be a good choice!

Pet's can use Homeopathy too. This remedy s great for animals that are scared easily, especially by fireworks or thunder. We use the pet kit a lot for our three dogs.
---Stacy S.
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