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Hi Hangover High?

I was blessed to be able to sample Oolong Passion Tea from Brother's Apothecary. There was instant regret when the tea hit my taste buds. Not for the reasons you think, I regretted it because I was completely in love with the taste. My taste buds were beatboxing an orchestrated symphony, that is how much I loved it. This is not the first time we have opened Brother’s Apothecary in our group. Price was one of the reasons I initially didn’t buy any, however I was sold once I read the back of the single tea packet, it said I could make three cups of tea out of one tea bag! WHAT WHAT! Hallelujah to my wallet, the fifteen dollar price tag for three tea bags didn’t seem so bad. In my head, I was getting nine servings of CBD tea for fifteen dollars. There is sixty milligrams of CBD in each serving. Today when I made my little sample packet I took a mason jar and made all three servings . If you are not a fan of a strong CBD taste then add a little bit of honey and you won’t notice, if you like the taste, trust me, there is plenty of that for you.

My afternoon was pleasantly calm, I am not sure if it was because of the CBD or the fact that I had a 2pm nap. Either way, the flavor was great,​ and it has​ honestly ​become​ my favorite tea blend. Oolong passion contains passion fruit, lemongrass, blood orange and coconut this simple combination was delicious and refreshing. Many of the benefits of drinking CBD tea include pain relief from arthritis, chronic pain, reduces anxiety and depression, soothes an upset stomach and can ease asthma symptoms. CBD when taken via the digestive system takes a bit longer to kick in, however, some experts say the effects last longer than when you take CBD oil vial sublingually. Oddly enough too much of a good thing applies to those who love to partake in the “herbal inhalation” part of THC, you can experience a hangover the next day. The secret to feeling better is to drink some CBD tea. Yes, CBD comes from the same plant as THC but, CBD doesn’t make you “high”, it actually counteracts the “scary high” feelings of THC such as anxiety and paranoia.

This company doesn’t just have CBD tea available in multiple flavors, they have a line of supplements to help you in multiple ways. Immunity Support, Vitality, Mental Clarity, Super Greens, Digestive aid, Cleansing, Essential Oils, lattes and smoking blends are all available for purchase. Need a sugar scrub or bath soak, they have that too. Brother’s Apothecary actually allows you to access the reviews of their third party tested products which is great, they care enough to have full disclosure. If you haven’t checked out what we have open this week, please do, this is the last week of being able to guarantee you will receive these items by Christmas!​ Continue reading below some reviews with product tips from our Natural Mommy Gear Family.


"I LOVE SLEEP AID. It works very well to help me fall asleep and stay asleep for the sleep aid, I found that if I take them, I have to go to bed right after. If I am up for a while after I take them it doesn't help when I actually go to sleep."
​-Danielle K. ​

"The Brother's Apothecary Highbiscus is my favorite tea!!! Not only does it taste amazing, but hibiscus has been used for centuries to help lower body temperature and blood pressure (who doesn't need help with that during these crazy lockdowns?!?!) treat heart disease, and soothes throats! The Rosehip renewing Facial Cream infused with CBD is awesome! It's lightweight, absorbs into your skin quickly, keeps your skin moisturized without the heavy feeling a lot of others leave you with, and it doesn't leave you feeling greasy! My favorite face cream EVER!"
-Katie F.
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