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Fall candles & wax melts anyone ??? 🍂💛

Clean Haven Naturals just launched her *BRAND NEW* Fall Line and it is to die for! You can get any of these amazing scents below in either Candles or Wax melt bars! THE APPLE ORCHARD - Crunchy leaves, fresh brewed hot apple cider & all of the welcoming, bundled up aromas of a trip to the apple orchard.

BLUEBERRY PUMPKIN PATCH - Cozy & warm - this scent is a must-try. With notes of blueberry with undertones of pumpkin spice & vanilla.

OCTOBER'S DUSK - Bringing crisp autumn nights indoors with amber, nutmeg, & cinnamon layered with applewood & cedar. If you loved Pinecones & Amber - this will be your new favorite.

SUGARED PUMPKIN DONUT- Freshly baked pumpkin donuts, sprinkled with sugar & spice.

WARM CEDAR & PEAR - A scent brought back from 2 years ago that never should have left! Sweet pear with spicy notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. Underlined with sugary vanilla bean & tonka.

ZUCCHINI BANANA BREAD - is a one-of-a-kind CHN exclusive. Custom blended and absolute bakery perfection. Sweet banana nut bread intertwined with fall-harvested zucchini bread makes for the perfect scent you never knew you needed. Cozy, warm, comforting & delicious All items are hand made, in small batches or made to order and made with only the best ingredients. All soy products are made with 100% pure non-GMO USA made soy.

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07 de set. de 2020

Omg they all sound so amazing

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