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A Sustainable Kitchen.

This can be easily achieved through a couple of simple swaps! First off try the No Tox Life Dish Block. This zero waste dish soap alternative is an absolute customer fave for a reason. It is a cleaning powerhouse with a rich, sudsy lather. Cuts stubborn grime and grease on dishes, pots and pans. With added aloe vera to be gentle on your hands. Completely unscented and fragrance-free. You can even use it for cleaning-duty all over your home. Take stains out of laundry, take labels off of jars, spot clean your carpet, use it to wipe down's a truly multipurpose product! We like to pair it with the No Tox Life Pot Scrubber, dish brush and biodegradable dish sponges. All of these items can be composted at their end of life. Head over to our group to get yours today!

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