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Switching to a more natural lifestyle is awesome but it can be super expensive! SO we want to help you by offering awesome natural products for the whole family at a discount rate! We offer Pre-Orders, Buy Nows and awesome VIP program(explained below).

All “BUYS” can be located in the “announcement” Section listed on the pinned post. >>(LINK) In the BUYS file, there will be a link to an album where you can see all photos and descriptions, as well as, a link to the place order. (Comment on the file thread so you can be notified w any updates.) Weekly posts with updates will be posted by Erica via picture found in the “Photos” tab.


  • "Pre-Orders" open weekly on Thursdays/Fridays. They stay opened until Friday 8pm EST following week. Invoices for buys that hit minimum will start getting invoiced through out the week, Once the buy closes we don't accept cancellations. You can cancel your order before the buy closes but not after. If you don't pay your invoice or cancel you'll be given one warning and the next time it happens you will be put on a 2 week suspension from ordering from buys. IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED WHEN a buy has CLOSED ALL LATE add ons will be $1 fee.


We should not have to remind you to pay invoices, if you know a buy is closing at a certain time then it is your responsibility to keep track or check email for invoices. You get notified on thread when invoice is sent, again on Friday when buy closes and tagged Sunday before you get on warning list. We understand if things come up and we also offer extensions if needed so please respond to your tags <3 There should not be any reason to ignore these tags. WHEN YOU ORDER FROM A PRE-ORDER PLEASE UNDERSTAND THERE IS A TURN AROUND TIME! We are placing a very large order with our suppliers. We order from one person operations up to huge companies so turn around time varies. Turn around time is between 2-6 weeks depending on the supplier/order size. Hand/home made items will take longer when bulk ordering. We will offer full refund or credit, if wanted, due to item not being received by 6 weeks.

  • "Buy Nows" are items we have currently in stock that will ship out with in 3-5 days.>> NO FUN BOX FEE WHEN ORDERING AND STARTING A FUNBOX W ALL BUY NOWS!! comment below each picture you want to order from. Everything is at FCFS. Please include: Email. Order. if you have a FUNBOX or its shipping alone. and if you are in fl or if your ordering from other buy now. ·

  • "Interest Threads" We will post interest threads with potential buys to run or you can list certain brands/products you'd be interested in buying.


INVOICES > Invoices are sent from WIX to email you ordered with. Sale tax is for all Florida Residence of 7%. If you are not in FUNBOX VIP program or new to our group we need your address bc through our invoice orders we have no way of seeing your shipping address.

SHIPPING> All item prices don't include shipping to you. The price does include fees, shipping from seller to us, and shipping supplies. Shipping costs vary based on weight/dimensions of product. BUT CHECK OUT VIP PROGRAM below for awesome way to save!!

**We also offer free porch pickup for those local to us. (Tampa, Fl 33624)


Shipping costs suck. We know... we hate having to pay them and to charge you but unfortunately it's part of the process . But since we love to help you all save money!! Here are some ways we can help you spend less! If you are going to be an active shopper with us then you have the option to joining our FUNBOX VIP program which ables you combine shipping for multiple buys, get VIP incentives, weekly VIP deals, NMG cash, and much more fun.

If you haven’t done combined shipping it is amazing!! You can fit a ton of different buys in the same box and save lots on shipping. When the box is full it will ship.


  • FIRST>>Select Fun box size you want to start with. You can choose from a small, medium, or large box. On the first buy you purchase from you will pre pay for your FUNBOX and a $5 service fee. We have to charge this fee to cover the extra production time combined shipping takes, but we have added fun incentives as a PLUS.

The Small box/bag costs $9.00 , Medium box costs $14.00, and large costs $19.00.Small= UPSP Priority small flat rate box or padded flat rate, Medium= UPSP Priority medium flat rate box, Large= UPSP Priority large flat rate box.

Those of you who don't consistently purchase from us you would likely just prefer sticking to Just This Order(JTO) where shipping will be added to each of your invoices.


  • There is no selling or advertising of other products allowed in this group If you own a company that has natural products that you feel would work for this group then please message us at and we can discuss it and see if its a right fit for us. ** This goes from sending private messages as well for those with MLMS. We work very hard to run this group and going behind our backs to our network isn’t appreciated. **SO PLEASE... no unsolicited friend requests or PM’s.

  • We will not allow any drama at all. Any drama/bashing will lead to auto ban of the group. We are here to try to help moms out. If you do not agree with something please PM an admin about any concerns.

  • Please keep the wall free of off topic conversations. We have created a group specifically for off topic conversations and support. Please join


  • We do not accept any returns or refunds. We will issue a return only if it is a mistake on our part (ex: sending the wrong item, us adding orders in wrong>> avoid by adding your own orders in the file form). We do however have a B/S/T if something ordered wasn’t a good fit. >>LINK TO GROUP:

  • Natural Mommy Gear Discount Group will offer mostly all natural items but will make some exceptions for some other items as needed that may not be 100% organic but always natural and NON toxic is what we strive for. This group is to help moms at all different stages of the natural journey step by step.

Thanks everyone and please enjoy the group!


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