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We understand the desire to make better choices for yourself and your family and feeling stuck in the process. We were both once there. It's what brought us together. We met in a local mommy group and connected with our shared interest of a natural lifestyle and being moms. We spent a lot of our time helping educate and empower other moms and this passion of ours naturally blossomed into what is now known as, Natural Mommy Gear. 

We understand the frustration that many experience when transitioning into a natural lifestyle. There are so many products and it can be extremely overwhelming. If that's not enough they can also put a huge dent in your finances, especially at the beginning. We both wanted to figure out a way to help moms with this problem so we created a place to find all the natural items you could want without having to do the searching yourself. On top of that, we have worked to find very affordable brands to help with your budget. 

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